The Sample Stories

These are two stories that will be included in the anthology, to show future readers a sneak-peak of what this book will hold!

Please enjoy these two stories, written by Brad Pauquette and Alli Prince!

The Deliverer – Brad Pauquette

In that time, each man did what was right in his own eyes…

Yasef led three boys through the desert—a gift for the magistrate, each eight years old, chosen personally by Yasef from all of the available tributes. All three had dark hair and colored eyes, just like Yasef—an oddity among the Journeyman. They wore tunics, covered with makeshift leathers—this one with a borrowed jacket that only came to the waist, that one with mismatched gloves, an aviator cap pulled over the ears. Only one had a real rebreather, an old model, pre-war, and the other two wrapped cotton scarves over their mouths.

Sacrifice – Alli Prince

“Kosmoa will be pleased with your sacrifices,” Orlan, a priest of Kosmoa, announced as he strolled down the silver ramp. The ship stood like a sore thumb against the deep brown rock of the desert wastelands around them. Soft puffs of steam rolled from the ventilation systems along the side of the ship. The glass viewing ports along the top were tinted black.


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