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Fourteen authors…

Fourteen  Christian authors stood up and poured their hearts into the short stories featured in Lawless. Each author brought something new and exciting to their story, and together, they crafted fourteen short stories inspired by select sections of The Book of Judges.

Chris Babcock

Chris Babcock’s adventures have taken him from the Thar desert of India to the rainforest slopes of Malawi. He loves sci-fi and fantasy, especially books that deal truthfully with difficult topics. If you think it must be awkward for him to write about himself in third person—he thinks so, too. Join the journey:


Jonathan Babcock

Jonathan Babcock was born in Canada, raised in Malawi, and currently lives in New Zealand. Jonathan has a passion for seeing new places, trying new things, and living life as an adventure. In his spare time you can find him devouring fantasy books, climbing mountains, playing the guitar, or glowering at a blank page.


Abigail Bales

Abigail Bales is a Jesus-lover and writer from Indiana. When she isn’t writing stories or poetry, she’s probably sipping coffee, strumming a guitar, or looking out a window. She graduates high school in May 2024 and is excited to see where Jesus takes her next. To follow her journey, join her mailing list at


Anita DeVries

Anita DeVries’s goal is to write in a way that encourages personal faith in Christ. She holds a Journalism Diploma and an Honors Degree in English and History. Her employment has been in print media and business. Currently, she is in The Company’s Arche Year program and works for a political advocacy group.


Elijah Fitz

Elijah Fitz lives in New Hampshire with his wife. Sometimes, he writes.
Soli deo gloria.


Megan Flahive

Megan Flahive refused to take naps as a kid, so her preschool teachers taught her to read instead. As a lifelong learner, she has a love for travel, fairy tales, and food. She lives in Indiana but her imagination takes her on innumerable adventures elsewhere. Follow Megan and her writing on Instagram at @meganiswriting_


Katelyn Flatt

Katelyn Flatt has multiple published works, including a short story published by The Pearl, and her first novel when she was sixteen. She loves writing big-picture stories that explore new technologies and is always asking “what if…?” She lives in Las Vegas, NV with her husband.

Nicole Gusto

Nicole Gusto is a dreamer and storyteller from the Philippines. She often writes about broken things—mostly robots, oftentimes human hearts. When she’s not writing, she’s a speech pathologist who loves helping kids tell their own stories. Nicole is an Academic Teaching Assistant for the Young Writer’s Workshop, has been published in One Voice Magazine and The Rebelution. You can visit her website at


Vannah Leblank

Vannah Leblank grew up traveling across North and Central America and used to hate writing. But, somehow, by the end of sixth grade she was writing her first novella and she hasn’t stopped writing since. She is currently majoring in Psychology, working on literary projects, and seeking to praise God through every aspect of her life. Follow her on Instagram @vannah_leblank_author


Drake McDonald

Drake McDonald is a storyteller. He makes videos, designs art installations, and writes short fiction and poetry. His work is previously published in The Pearl, New College Review, and A Coup of Owls. You can follow his blog at


Brad Pauquette

Brad worked as a writing and marketing consultant in the secular publishing industry for ten years before founding The Company. He lives in Cambridge, Ohio, where he personally mentors The Company’s full-time apprentices and provides training and support to the organization’s community. Learn more about Brad at


Alli Prince

Alli Prince is leading this project. She’s excited to create Biblical fiction with more masculine appeal. Alli is from Las Vegas, Nevada, but currently lives in Cambridge, Ohio where she is a second-year apprentice at The Company. Learn more about her at

Matthew Sampson

Matthew Sampson writes science fiction and fantasy, draws comics at work for a bit of office humor, and makes stop motion movies on YouTube under the original name of Matthew Sampson Bricks. He currently keeps a careful watch on a prison library in New Zealand.



Thirzah was born in the Netherlands but grew up in Southern Maryland. When she’s not writing books, she’s reading them. As the former managing editor of The Pearl, Thirzah has worked with many writers to help them improve their work. Learn more about Thirzah on her website,

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