What is this book about?

The Book of Judges is full of rich and morally complex stories. Lawless is all about expanding on the dark and rugged themes found in the Book of Judges. Together, we’ve produced Christian literature that doesn’t shy away from the realities of life. A book that balances kingdom values while maintaining rugged moral complexities.

This book is an anthology, which is a series of short stories combined into one book.  Pre-order the book to see new perspectives on classic stories like Gideon and Sampson, as well as a new light on the lesser-known judges like Ehud and Jephthah


Judges is messy. what content can we expect in this?

We had one rule for the author’s content. They weren’t allowed to go anywhere that the book of Judges didn’t already go. If you read the Book of Judges, you’ll see that many of the stories require violence and sexuality in order to be understood. However, this content should be purposeful. The book is decidedly PG-13. 

Read the sample stories for a demonstration of how violence and graphic content are handled here!


How can I (a non-writer) help?

Pre-order the book now, and don’t forget to review it on Amazon or Goodreads! Then share the book with a friend!  Feel free to read and share our sample stories as well, which can be found here.


When and how will this book be produced?

We’re partnering with The Company, and The Pearl to produce this book, which will be sold in print and ebook, from all major retailers, available January 18th, 2024!


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