Have you read the book of Judges lately?

Talk about a wild book. When we read the Bible, it’s sometimes hard to remember that the characters are actually real people.

Lawless brings the stories of the book of Judges into new light.

We’ve gathered a group of fourteen different Christian authors and together, they’ve written short stories inspired by selected stories from the book of Judges. These stories are all set in the same dystopian, sci-fi western universe.

The book was released on January 18, 2024 by The Pearl. The book was backed and produced by The Company.

About The Team

Alli Prince – Managing Editor

Alli Prince is leading this project. She’s excited to create Biblical fiction with more masculine appeal.

Alli handles day-to-day operations and makes most major decisions for the project. She brought the idea to life and developed the shared universe for the stories.

Alli is from Las Vegas, Nevada, but currently lives in Cambridge, Ohio where she is a second-year apprentice at The Company. Learn more about her at AlliPrince.com

Alli Prince Lawless book project managing editor

Brad Pauquette – Producer and Supervising Editor

Brad Pauquette is overseeing this project. He was first attracted to the idea because of the realism, moral complexity, and irony embedded in the biblical book of Judges.

Brad oversees all major decisions with the project, and provides counsel to the team.

Brad worked as a writing and marketing consultant in the secular publishing industry for ten years before founding The Company. He lives in Cambridge, Ohio, where he personally mentors The Company’s full-time apprentices and provides training and support to the organization’s community.

Learn more about Brad at BradPauquette.com

Brad Pauquette producer lawless book project

About the Publisher

This project is produced jointly by The Company and The Pearl.

The Company is a community of Christian writers on a mission to change the world. The organization provides training, support, and resources for Christian writers of all skill and experience levels.

The Company provides the infrastructure, expertise, and resources to assemble a project of this magnitude.

Learn more about The Company and become a member at writers.company.

The book will be published by The Pearl, which is a sister company of The Company. The Pearl publishes short stories, essays, and poetry to their online magazine on a weekly basis.

The Pearl has also produced several books and book-length resources, with the assets in place to distribute Lawless to all major markets in multiple formats.

Check out The Pearl and subscribe to the newsletter at PearlMag.co.

The Pearl logo lawless book project
The Company logo lawless book project

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